Using Locum Legalis Chat


4 Reasons to Use Locum Legalis Chat to Instruct...

Today I want to tell you 4 reasons why giving instructions through Locum Legalis chat is superior to doing so through email, Whatsapp, etc.

Firstly, giving instructions over Locum Legalis allows you to consolidate and keep your MOB appointments and instructions in one place. 

Secondly, you can email the chat transcript as proof of appointment and instruction to the Locum. Emailed transcripts will come with the following validation: This transcript was computer generated and provided by Locum Legalis. Should there be any dispute about the appointment, the transcript will stand as independent proof of the transaction. 

Thirdly, if there are disputes about appointments and payments, Locum Legalis can immediately carry out an investigation into a complaint and resolve it. It allows us to better supervise and manage transactions to ensure interactions occur as they should. We take severe action against unethical users and users that abuse the service. 

Finally, you can pay your Locum through Chat. It's easy - just press the button (provided you have entered your credit card details). If payments are made through the application, Locum Legalis ensures that MOB fees due are received by the Locum. We cannot make such assurances for arrangements made outside the application.