Use Locum Legalis when working with other lawyers on outstation hearings. The app allows you to communicate privately with counter-parties, manage multiple hearings, exchange documents and make payments. Your counter-parties are paid immediately.

The icon with 3 horizontal bars on the top left corner opens the Menu, which in turn gives you access to the tabs described below.

First enter your Profile details. We collect certain information to verify that all users are members of the Malaysian Bar. Once you have completed your profile, you can submit and accept requests. See below for our Privacy Policy.

Request a Lawyer to Mention on Behalf (MOB): Click on Request and key in the date of your case. If there is a match, you will be notified that a lawyer has taken up your MOB request. If there is no match, your request will show in To-Do as pending.

Offering to MOB for another: Click on Calendar. Swipe to the appropriate month and press on the intended date. Enter the appropriate court(s), time and days you offer to MOB. Don’t be greedy!

Check MOBs statuses: To-Do shows all MOBs accepted or requested by you (including pending requests). Visit To-Do to be current on your MOBs. You can click on each appointment and chat with the other lawyer for confirmed MOBs. You may also cancel a requested MOB so long as it has not been taken up. 

There are MOB requests not taken up. Want to help out? Click on Search to see pending MOB requests. You can filter by court or location.

Track past payments, made and received, on Payments.